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sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

Johnny Lytle • A man and a woman

Vibraphonist Johnny Lytle covers the score of the movie
"A Man And A Woman" by French composer Francis Lai in a jazz setting,
the LP was released in 1967 on Solid State Records,
players are Johnny Lytle on vibes, Richard Davis on bass,
Johnny Pacheco on latin drums, Bill Hinnant on drums
and Jim Foster on organ. Production by Sonny Lester.
New York City: 1967

Tracks list:
1. Stronger Than Us
2. Today It's You
3. Samba Saravah
4. A Man And A Woman
5. A Man And A Woman (v2)
6. Stronger Than Us (Bossa Nova)
7. In Our Shadow

Johnny Lytle: Vibes
Richard Davis: bass,
Johnny Pacheco: latin drums,
Bill Hinnant: drums
Jim Foster: organ

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