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domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

Frank Frost & Sam Carr • The Last of the Jelly Roll King

Frank Frost was born in 1936 in the heart of the Mississippi Delta near Helena,
AR. He picked up guitar and harmonica as a boy around that rough and tumble port town.
Helena was considered ground zero by the Delta Blues community thanks to KFFA radio’s “King Biscuit Time”
program that aired daily and was hosted by “Sunshine” Sonny Payne. In the early 1950s
Frank hooked up with drummer Sam Carr, who also happened to be the son of legendary guitarist Robert Nighthawk (AKA Robert Lee McCoy).
In 1962 they expanded to three pieces and added guitarist/bassist Jack Johnson.
The three began performing as “Frank Frost & The Nighthawks”, and later as “The Jelly Roll Kings”.
They quickly became one of the most popular juke joint bands in the delta.

01 Better take it slow
02 Hey baby
03 Keep things right
04 Done with you
05 Owl head woman Part 2
06 Don't do that
07 Jelly Roll King
08 Rock me baby
09 Come here baby
10 St. Louis serenade
11 How many times
12 Black cat bone
13 Midnight prowler
14 King biscuit blues
15 Arkansas shuffle

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