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jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

Fernando Rusconi Hammond Organ Trio • Oscuridad

Fernando Rusconi, cultor del órgano Hammond en Argentina, presenta “Oscuridad”, su sexto trabajo discográfico. El trío compuesto por Pablo Vernieri en guitarra eléctrica, Marcelo von Schultz en batería y Rusconi en Hammond y Clavinet, explora una fusión entre el jazz-funk-blues y agogo característica de los tríos de órganos de los 60s.
El trío comienza su actividad en el año 2000,lleva grabados 5 ces:"Conclusiones" (2002), "Equilibrio" (2005), "Nada mas que decir" (2008), "Lost In Time" (2010), “No moon, no sun, no age” (2012). Fernando Rusconi Hammond Organ Trío fue telonero en 2010 de Medeski, Martín & Wood en el Teatro Coliseo, Uruguay, Cordoba y Neuquen.


The trio began operating in early 2000 and so far has recorded 5 albums, "Conclusiones" (2002), "Equilibrio" (2005), "Nada mas que decir" (2008), "Lost In Time" (2010). "No moon, no sun, no age" (2012)
From his early training with Pablo Vernieri and Marcelo Von Schultz, different musicians have joined at each stage; Pablo Fiorentini, James Suggs, Santiago Castelani, Miguel Tallarita, Ezequiel Piazza, Luis De la Torre and David Cantoni, among others.
By late 2008, the group consolidated with the addition of Ryan Anderson on guitar and Timoty Cid on drums, giving a dramatic change and affirming their musical direction which developed from his second album "Equilibrio" to a side with more funk and power, with many echoes of the 60s and 70s without losing the essence of jazz, with a sound more raw, rough, almost rock, stripped of everything digital and focused in its entirety to an aesthetic marked by good vintage and similar instruments.

He has made presentations across the country and abroad, such as the Jazz Festival of Buenos Aires, Cycle Jazzología in the San Martín Theatre, Hall A, B and Muiño of the San Martín Theatre, Jazz Festival of Moron, Hall Leopoldo Marechall of the Victoria Auditorium of San Juan, ND Ateneo, Niceto, Thelonius Club, Notorious, Jamsessions (Program channel 7), the blades of Villa Gessell, Auditorium Theatre in Mar del Plata, Neuquen, Uruguay, Corrientes, Comodoro Rivadavia, Chaco, Catamarca, Bariloche, Córdoba, Río Cuarto, Rafaela, Sunchales, Rosario, San Rafael, San Juan, Mendoza, Atlantic Coast, Chascomús, Zárate, Campana, Jazz Festival of La Plata, sample music from La Plata, among others.

In 2010, as part of the presentation of his new album "Lost In Time", the group made a tour through Argentina and Uruguay with Medeski, Martin and Wood, a renowned American trio, who in the 90's revolutionized jazz with an exquisite fusion of funk, soul, rock and groove. The group also performed at The Coliseum Bs.As, Libertador Theatre of Cordoba, La Trastienda in Montevideo Uruguay, and the Theatre Español in Neuquen.

Fernando Rusconi, Hammond B3 Organ Hohner Clavinet D6 and Pablo Vernieri, electric guitar with Marcelo Von schultz on Battery.

Fernando Rusconi:
He graduated from the Conservatory of Music “Alberto Ginastera” in Moron. He studied Instrumentation,Orchestration and Composition later on in Modern Harmony, Counterpoint, . Simultaneously, he studied Jazz improvisation and Development Sound-System Analog and Digital.

In the nineties, with the acquisition and restoration of his first Hammond B3 Organ, he ventured into the specific technique of this instrument in jazz and into the organ functioning style of renowned organists from the sixties.

Beginning in 2000 to this date, he serves as a Professor of "Harmonic Piano" after winning first place in difficult contests coveringthat subject taking place at the "Conservatorio de música Juan José Castro", Martinez (contests 2002/03 /04); “Conservatorio de musica Alberto Ginastera" Moron (contests 2001/02/03/04) ”Escuela superior de Arte de Campana” (contests 2000/01/02), "Conservatorio de música”, Chivilcoy (contests 2002/03) "Escuela Popular de Música" Lujan (competition 2007).

01. La Era De Los Modernos Pt. 2 (4:40)
02. Free And Elastic (8:53)
03. The Winner (5:20)
04. Estuvo Aqui (7:23)
05. Buga Buga Boogaloo (5:44)
06. Funny Blues (5:14)
07. Oscuridad (6:38)
08. New Directions (7:12)
09. La Era De Los Modernos Pt. 1 (3:38)
10. Amazing Grace (4:31)

Fernando Rusconi: Organo Hammond
Pablo Vernieri: guitarra
Marcelo Von Shultz: Bateria

Time: 59:17
Released: 2014
Styles: Jazz: Jazz Funk, Hammond Organ

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