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Toots Thielemans • Live

Toots Thielemans (harmonica, guitar, whistling)
Wim Overgaauw (guitar)
Rob Franken (electric piano)
Niels Henning Ørsted-Pedersen (bass)
Bruno Castellucci (drums)

1. Tenor Madness (S. Rollins) (7:58)
2. Images (J. Brackeen) (8:18)
3. Muskrat Ramble (K. Ory - R. Gilbert) (2:14)4. My Little Suede Shoes (C. Parker) (6:36)
5. I Do It For Your Love (P. Simon) (3:32)
6. Strange Boogie Man (J. T. Thielemans) (9:08)
7. St. Thomas (S. Rollins) (5:34)
8. The Mooche (D. Ellington - I. Mills) (4:01)
9. Black Beauty (D. Ellington) (2:13)
10. Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson - M. Dixon) (1:45)

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Rusty Bryant • Returns

Review by Scott Yanow
Rusty Bryant, a veteran R&B tenor player, was somewhat forgotten at the time of his debut Prestige album, but due to the commercial success of this recording, Bryant would record seven more sessions for Prestige during the next five years. Actually, this date is a bit surprising, with Bryant sticking exclusively to alto and sometimes using an electrified model similar to what Lou Donaldson was playing at the time. The music (mostly blues-oriented originals) is enjoyable, with plenty of boogaloos and soulful vamps. In addition to Bryant, the main soloists are guitarist Grant Green, in excellent form, and organist Sonny Phillips.

Artist Biography by Steve Huey
The muscular, groove-oriented tenor of Rusty Bryant was heard to best effect on his funky soul-jazz albums for Prestige in the late '60s and early '70s, though he'd actually been leading bands since the '50s. Born Royal G. Bryant in Huntington, WV, on November 25, 1929, he grew up in Columbus, OH, where he became an important part of the local jazz scene, playing a robust, wailing tenor sax inspired by the likes of Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt. He first worked as a sideman with Tiny Grimes and Stomp Gordon, and began leading his own bands in 1951. In the mid-'50s, Bryant signed with the Dot label and landed a major R&B hit with "All Night Long," a double-time cover of "Night Train." Bryant toured the country, but his association with Dot only lasted for a few sessions (including some where he attempted to introduce vocalist Nancy Wilson), and he soon returned to Columbus, where he was content to play on a strictly local basis. After around a decade, he returned to recording in 1968 on Groove Holmes' classic That Healin' Feelin', and began leading his own sessions again for Prestige, beginning with 1969's Rusty Bryant Returns, an anomaly where he played a Lou Donaldson-inspired, sometimes-electrified alto. His next few albums -- including Night Train Now!, Soul Liberation, Fire Eater, and Wildfire -- successfully updated his sound for the times, and became cult classics among acid jazz aficionados for their strong, funky grooves. Bryant returned for a couple of albums in the early '80s before settling back into his hometown once again. He passed away on March 25, 1991.

Ballycotton • Fairytale

Album Review
Ballycotton's sophomore release Fairytale showed considerable growth, as the group expanded its influences beyond those of traditional Irish music. "The Irish Opera" introduces Middle Eastern sounds to the Celtic foundation in a manner perfected years earlier by the House Band. "Whispering" is a gentle Windham Hill-esque contemporary instrumental piece possessing no distinct cultural origins. "The Horny, Drunken Wife" is a lively Irish-sounding number featuring fiddle and bouzouki. The traditional numbers "Michael Gormans," "Sweet Little Pussycat," "Ships Are Sailing," and "Home With the Girls" demonstrate musical preferences that still lie with the Celtic persuasion, while revealing subtle Middle Eastern, gypsy, and new age touches that make Ballycotton a more interesting group. "Sexy Pin-Up Girl," with its unusual rhythms and unique melody, is indicative of the band's growth and expansion.
Formed in 1996 in St. Pölten, Austria, as an acoustic quartet, Ballycotton's first two recordings emphasized their preference for Irish music. Although they performed many original tunes, they were structured in a manner that demonstrated the group's full understanding of traditional Irish music. The five song EP Joanna's Wedding was issued in early 1997, followed by Fairytale in September of that year. Both recordings showcased exemplary musicianship. Fiddler Matthias Jakisic was particularly impressive, as their tunes were mostly fiddle-driven. The remainder of the group were equally as accomplished, although their main role was that of accompanying Jakisic. Oddly, it was guitarist Gernot Strauß, picker extraordinaire Alex König, and percussionist Harald Binder that remained together upon Jakisic's departure. He left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by a duo of fiddlers, Christina Gaismeier and Jock Brocks, who bring a classical and traditional background to the group respectively. Ballycotton used the personnel change as their opportunity to alter their style significantly. While the influence of the Irish remains detectable in their music to some degree, they've opted for a more all-encompassing world music style due, in part, to Brocks' extensive knowledge of various forms of folk music. Ballycotton's 2001 release A La Cut is reflective of the changes this group has undergone.


Traducción automática
Ballycotton es un grupo popular de Austria, que abrió sus puertas en abril de 1996 con actuaciones en Austria, Alemania, Holanda, Luxemburgo y Taiwán hizo un nombre por sí mismo. Todo empezó con un grupo experimental con el nombre Glakijamus, que jugó estándares populares principalmente irlandeses, españoles y rusos. Más tarde, la banda pasó a llamarse en Ballycotton, según un pequeño pueblo de pescadores en el sur de Irlanda. De los miembros de Glakijamus permanecieron hasta hoy, pero sólo Alex Rey Harald G. Binder y izquierda. En febrero de 1997, la primera (máximo) apareció "La boda de Joanna" CD y dos meses más tarde, la primera gira Ballycotton a Alemania y Holanda. En septiembre de 1997, fue entonces si el enorme éxito de "La boda de Joanna" y los conciertos en Austria y en el extranjero, es tiempo de un segundo CD - "Cuento de hadas" fue puesto en libertad y se encontraba en Austria, Alemania, Suiza, Hong Kong y Taiwán publicada. A principios de 1999 se unió a Alexander Miksch con la banda, pero la dejó después de sólo 8 meses atrás, porque él quería desarrollar musicalmente en una dirección diferente. Después de sólo un mes, sin embargo, un recambio equivalente se encontró: Jock Brock (violín, banjo, la mandolina, el estaño de irregularidades) y Christina Gaismeier (violín). También encuentre algo más tarde Andreas Neumeister (guitarra) se unió a la banda. Entonces Ballycotton dejó parcialmente sus raíces irlandesas y comenzó melodías de toda la música popular europea incorporado al repertorio. Las grabaciones de la tercera CD "a la corte" comenzaron. En 2001, las conexiones con la compañía discográfica taiwanés Jingo Digital Inc. dio sus frutos y había un recorrido sensacional Taiwán con conciertos con entradas agotadas en las salas de conciertos. En marzo de 2003, 2 años después del lanzamiento de "a la corte", el CD cuarta "tierra en la Luna", que, al igual que apareció el otro registro en Taiwán por Jingo Registros distribuida. Después de la salida de Jock Brock finales de 2003 habrá más cambios. A partir de 2004, la banda con Peter Beinhofer un músico popular con experiencia (miembro de la banda establecida irlandesa popular Negro Bush) y el acordeón de un nuevo instrumento más. En se jugará el siguiente período y trabajó mucho, crea un video musical de "Yo en el medio". En 2005, aparece el álbum conceptual "Eyla", que cuenta la historia fantasiosa de elfos Eyla. En el mismo año, la documentación de vídeo "Ballycotton - Retrato de una banda" vienzenz creado en colaboración con el cineasta. Con una visita a Taipei y una serie de entrevistas de radio, es posible asegurar las ventas a través de los Récords por Jingo "Eyla" y la documentación de vídeo. 2006 toma Robert Tapiceros (guitarra, canto armónico) por parte de Andreas Neumeister. El siguiente trabajo de taller Imaginación de Ballycotton fue lanzado en 2009 y se llama "Más allá del fin de los tiempos". Contenido en este álbum con títulos como "satisfacer el horizonte", "El viaje", "rayo" o "mundo detrás de" una gira galería inspirador.


Ballycotton ist eine Folk-Gruppe aus Österreich, die sich seit April 1996 mit Auftritten in Österreich, Deutschland, Holland, Luxemburg und Taiwan einen Namen machte. Alles begann mit einer Versuchsgruppe mit dem Namen Glakijamus, die hauptsächlich irische, spanische und russische Folkstandards spielte. Später wurde die Band dann in Ballycotton umbenannt, nach einem kleinen Fischerdorf im Süden Irlands. Von den Mitgliedern von Glakijamus blieben bis heute aber nur Alex König und Harald G. Binder übrig.

Im Februar 1997 erschien dann die erste (Maxi-)CD "Joanna´s Wedding" und zwei Monate später führte die erste Tour Ballycotton nach Deutschland und Holland. Im September 1997 war es dann, ob den großen Erfolgen von "Joanna´s Wedding" und den Konzerten in Österreich und im Ausland, Zeit für eine zweite CD - "Fairytale" erschien und wurde in Österreich, Deutschland, der Schweiz, Hongkong und Taiwan veröffentlicht.

Anfang 1999 trat Alexander Miksch der Band bei, verließ sie aber bereits nach 8 Monaten wieder, da er sich musikalisch in eine andere Richtung entwickeln wollte. Nach nur einem Monat war jedoch ein gleichwertiger Ersatz gefunden: Jock Brocks (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, tin-whistle) und Christina Gaismeier (violin). Auch findet etwas später Andreas Neumeister (guitar) zur Band.

Danach verließ Ballycotton teilweise seine irischen Wurzeln und begann Melodien der gesamten europäischen Volksmusik ins Repertoire aufzunehmen. Die Aufnahmen für die 3. CD "a la cut" begannen.

2001 machten sich die Verbindungen zur taiwanesischen Plattenfirma Jingo Digital Inc. bezahlt und es kam zu einer sensationellen Taiwan-Tour mit Konzerten in ausverkauften Konzerthallen.

Im März 2003, 2 Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung von "a la cut", erschien die 4. CD "Mondland", die ebenso wie die anderen Tonträger in Taiwan von Jingo Records vertrieben wird.

Nach dem Ausstieg von Jock Brocks Ende 2003 kommt es zu weiteren Veränderungen. Ab 2004 hat die Band mit Peter Beinhofer einen erfahrenen Folkmusiker (Mitglied der etablierten Irish Folkband Blackbush) und mit dem Akkordeon ein neues Instrument mehr. In der folgenden Zeit wird viel gespielt und gearbeitet, es entsteht ein Musikvideo zu "Me in the middle". 2005 erscheint das Konzeptalbum "Eyla", das die fantasievolle Geschichte der Elfe Eyla erzählt. Im selben Jahr entsteht das Dokumentationsvideo "Ballycotton – Portrait of a Band" in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Filmemacher vienzenz. Mit einem Besuch in Taipeh und einer Reihe von Radio-Interviews gelingt es, auch für "Eyla" und das Dokumentationsvideo den Vertrieb über Jingo Records zu sichern.

2006 übernimmt Robert Polsterer (Gitarre, Obertongesang) den Part von Andreas Neumeister.

Das nächste Werk aus Ballycotton's Fantasiewerkstatt wurde 2009 veröffentlicht und heißt "Jenseits vom Ende der Zeit". Inhaltlich ist dieses Album mit Titeln wie "Begegnung im Horizont", "Die Reise", "Wetterleuchten" oder "Hinterwelt" ein inspirierender Galerierundgang.

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Brian Charette • The Question That Drives Us

The second release by organist Brian Charette's unique, reed-based sextet, which features the tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm and clarinettist John Ellis. They perform a set of all original compositions by Charette, plus a version of "Moose the Mooche" by Charlie Parker.

Brian Charette's Organ Sextet released their first album 'Music for Organ Sextette' in 2012 to critical and public acclaim. Dan Bilawsky noted in All About Jazz: "Charette weaves a unique and gripping aural tapestry together with a mélange of woodwinds serving as the thread. He channels his energy into creating constructs that benefit from the blending of multiple voices...Music For Organ Sextette is an anomaly in the world of organ-centric jazz...Charette challenges the status quo with this one and winds up the victor in every way."

Personnel: Brian Charette (Hammond B3 organ), Itai Kriss (flute), Mike Dirubbo (alto saxophone), Joel Frahm (tenor saxophone), John Ellis (bass clarinet), Jochen Rueckert (drums)

01. Blazinec (6:53)
02. The Question That Drives Us (4:49)
03. Medium/Up (4:24)
04. Answer Me (4:16)
05. Labor Day (6:27)
06. Svichkova (6:35)
07. 5Th Base (6:47)
08. #9 (5:55)
09. Denge Marenge (5:10)
10. I Came So Far To See You (3:37)
11. Moose The Mooche (7:01)

James Brown • Plays The Real Thing

A1 Jimmy Mack
A2 What Do You Like
A3 PeeWee's Groove In "D"
A4 Bernadette
B1 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
B2 I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
B3 Funky Broadway
B4 "D" Thing

Arranged By – Alfred Ellis
Liner Notes – Ron Oberman
Organ, Producer – James Brown
James Brown at the organ. Featuring Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis on track A3.

Shirley Scott • Everybody Loves A Lover

A1 Everybody Loves A Lover 8:00
A2 Little Miss Know It All 4:26
A3 Sent For You Yesterday (And Here You Come Today) 5:38
B1 Shirley 4:30
B2 Blue Bongo 3:10
B3 The Lamp Is Low 8:04
B4 The Feeling Of Jazz 4:16

Organ – Shirley Scott
Saxophone [Tenor] – Stanley Turrentine (tracks: A1 to B1, B3, B4)
Bass – Bob Cranshaw
Drums – Otis Finch
Guitar – Barry Galbraith (tracks: A2, B1, B2), Howard Collins (tracks: A2, B1, B2)
Percussion [Latin] – Willie Rodriguez (tracks: A2, B1, B2)

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VA • Hammond Street

Track listing
 1 The Past Present Organisation - Itchy Feet
 2 Trashmonkeys - Clubtown
 3 Sugarman Three - Soul Barrio Part 2
 4 The James Taylor Quartet - Car Chase
 5 The Clique - Wormin'
 6 Sharkskin - Hothead
 7 Reuben Wilson - Sugar
 8 The Forster-Hammond Trio - Texas Twister
 9 The Nick Rossi Set - Monkeyshines
10 Phaze - Indin Rope Man
11 Pleasure Beach - Smells Like Teen Spirit
12 Jimmy McGriff - Ain't It Funky Now
13 The Spidermen - Theme From Poindexter
14 Martini - Buttermilk

Al Nicholls Quartet • That Swing Thing

Samples ... 

01. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (5:12)
02. God Bless The Child (7:04)
03. Love For Sale (6:55)
04. I've Got A Crush On You (5:31)
05. Night And Day (6:12)
06. The Man I Love (6:21)
07. Last Train's Gone (4:45)
08. Time After Time (5:24)
09. Tea For Two (4:50)
10. Too Close For Comfort (1:15)

Marcel Loeffler • Images

After his emotional tribute to Gus Viseur in 2010, Marcel Loeffler decided to record a more personal project, presenting his own compositions. On his new album Images, the accordionist demonstrates his amazing range of his skills. He is equally comfortable in waltzes, ballads or in compositions tuned in to the groove such as ''Vago''. Loeffler also pays tribute to Jacques Brel in his cover of ''La chanson des vieux am ants.'' For this new project, Loeffler is joined by his friends Gilles Coquard on bass, Jean Yves Jung on piano and Jean Marc Robin on drums.

Corduroy • Dad Man Cat

Dad Man Cat was the first LP to be released by Corduroy. It is primarily an instrumental album, full of what has become the classic Corduroy sound.

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George Semper • Makin' Waves

A1 Collard Greens 2:06
A2 I Can't Stop Loving You 2:37
A3 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 2:48
A4 Hog Maws N' Cabbage 2:48
A5 Get Out Of My Life Woman 2:45
Medley (2:35)
A6a Where Did Our Love Go
A6b 1-2-3
A6c Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
A7 Thank You ( 4 Lettin' Me Be Myself) 3:03
A8 Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Instrumental) 1:39
B1 Pigeon Peas And Rice 3:09
B2 Corn Bread N' Chitlins 2:41
B3 What Now My Love (Et Maintenant) 2:28
B4 Memphis 2:20
B5 Green Onions 2:21
B6 Shortin' Bread 2:25
B7 Soldier Boy Blues 4:03

Peppino Principe & Trio Vanje Lisaka ‎• Swing Party III Live

A1. Honeysuckle Rose (T. F. Waller - A. Razaf) (4:54)
A2. Stardust (H. Carmichael - M. Parrish) (5:41)
A3. Lady Be Good (G. Gershwin - I. Gershwin) (4:37)
A4. Yesterdays (J. Kern - O. Harbach) (5:47)
A5. Caravan (D. Ellington - J. Tizol - I. Mills) (3:26)
B1. Mack The Knife (K. Weill - B. Brecht - M. Blitzstein) (2:49)
B2. St. Louis Blues (W. C. Handy) (3:49)
B3. Air Mail Special (B. Goodman - C. Christian - J. Mundy) (4:17)
B4. Flight Of The Bumble Bee (N. R. Korsakov) (3:17)
B5. Brasilian Fantasy (7:49)
B5.1. Baia (A. Barroso)
B5.2. Brasil (A. Barroso)
B5.3. The Girl From Ipanema (A. C. Jobim - V. De Morales - N. Gimbel)
B5.4. Tico Tico (Z. Abreu - A. DeOliveira - E. Drake)

Peppino Principe (accordeon)
Vanja Lisak (piano)
Mladen Baraković (bass)
Vlado Vuković (drums)

Recorded live at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb, Croatia, April 18. 1989.

Pete Candoli • More Peter Gunn

01. Spook!
02. Blue Steel
03. Odd Ball
04. My Manne Shelly
05. Lightly
06. A Quiet Gass
07. Joanna
08. Blues For Mother's
09. Walkin' Bass
10. Goofin' At The Coffee House
11. The Little Man Theme

Gabor Szabo • Spellbinder

1 Spellbinder 5:27
2 Witchcraft 4:37
3 It Was A Very Good Year 2:45
4 Gypsy Queen 5:11
5 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 2:26
6 Cheetah 4:07
7 My Foolish Heart 5:26
8 Yearning 2:56
9 Autumn Leaves / Speak To Me Of Love 3:34

Gene Ludwig • Singles

1. Gene Ludwig - Blues For Mr Fink (2:28)
2. Gene Ludwig - House of the Rising Sun (2:26)
3. Gene Ludwig - I'm Coming Home (3:42)
4. Gene Ludwig - Moanin´ (3:21)
5. Gene Ludwig - Sticks and Stones (5:12)
6. Gene Ludwig - The Vamp (2:42)
7. Gene Ludwig - Well You Needn´t (6:40)

Toots Thielemans & Sivuca ‎• Chiko's Bar

Harmonica – Toots Thielemans
Accordion, Vocals – Sivuca
Bass – Luizão
Drums – Paulo Braga
Guitar – Richard Silveira
Keyboards – Luiz Avellar
Percussion – Marçal* (tracks: A2), Ohana
Synthesizer – Clarence Ofwerman* (tracks: A4)

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Shirley Scott • Satin Doll

This 1963 release, which was recorded two years earlier, was one of two Duke Ellington tributes that organist Shirley Scott (1934-2002) recorded for the Prestige label. It was Scott's second album of Duke Ellington compositions after Scottie Plays the Duke (1959). The bare bones session had Scott backed by just bass (George Tucker) and drums (Mack Simpkins) and the music is a little more sedate than what you'll find on most of the organist's LPs. The Satin Doll album has not been released on CD. ~ Guitars and All That Jazz

With George Tucker on bass and Jack Simplkins on drums. A bit more prim, though Scott still burns. ~ by Ron Wynn, AMG.

The Merger of Scott and Ellington is a delight in harmonic contrasts. Miss Scott retains her warm, blues-rooted feeling which gently mingles with the lyric quality of these great Ellington standards, and she is both individual and sophisticated in her interpretations.
Shirley’s ability to attack lyrical tunes without forfeiting her verve, fire or personal feelings of lament, herald her arrival as a major figure in the world of modern jazz. ~ Excerpts from Liner Notes by Les Davis (July 1963).

This LP is another beautiful tribute by Shirley Scott to the great Duke Ellington. For this album Scott remains within a tight trio grouping. George Tucker’s bass lines, backed up by Mack Simpkins’ deft drumming, beautifully accentuate Shirley’s organ romps. In Essence it is another brilliant soul jazz excursion from the 'Queen of the Organ'.

VA • Thunderbolt!

Thunderbolt! Honkin' R&B Sax Instrumentals 1952-1956 

Warren Lucky And Combo
A1. Paradise Rock
A2. Thunderbolt
A3. Paradise Roll
A4. Fish Bait
Al King And His Kingsmen
A5. Jay Bird
A6. Melancholy Horn
A7. Strollin' Out
B1. Flyin' With The King
B2. A King Is Blue
B3. Big Wind
B4. Royal Crown Blues
Haywood Henry
B5. Sweet Georgia Brown
Al King And His Kingsmen
B6. Easy Ridin'
B7. Joy Ride

Recorded December 4, 1952 - February 15, 1956

Ingfried Hoffmann • Hammond Bond

Ingfried Hoffmann (born January 30, 1935) is a German jazz organist, pianist, trumpeter, arranger and composer. He has released several commercial recordings on a variety of labels, including Columbia Records, Philips Records, Polydor Records, and Verve Records. He has also composed music for several German television films and programs, including most of the music for the German version of Sesame Street and Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt.

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Canaletto • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, pdf - ingles


The James Taylor Quartet • Mission Impossible

El James Taylor Quartet es una banda británica de acid jazz y jazz funk, creada en Rochester, Inglaterra, en 1985. Se conoce también por sus siglas JTQ.
Fue creada por James Taylor (órgano Hammond, cantante) tras la disolución de su anterior banda, The Prisoners, como consecuencia de la crisis del sello Stiff Records. Además de Taylor, la componen actualmente Chris Montague (guitarra), Andrew McKinney (bajo eléctrico) y Adam Betts (batería), aunque usualmente se complementa con una sección de metales, integrada ahora por John Willmott (saxo tenor/flauta) y Nick Smart (trompeta), además de la cantante Yvonne Yanney.
mas info ...


The James Taylor Quartet are a British four-piece jazz funk band, who have become renowned for their live performances. They were formed in 1987 by Hammond organ player James Taylor following the break-up of his former band The Prisoners in the wake of Stiff Records' bankruptcy. The current line-up is James Taylor (Hammond organ), Chris Montague (guitar), Andrew McKinney (bass) and Adam Betts (drums), although recordings and live performances usually feature a horn section comprising John Willmott (tenor sax/flute) and Nick Smart (trumpet), and also vocalist Yvonne Yanney.
more info ...

Christian Tamburr • Voyage

Samples ...

Christian Tamburr is a multi-instrumentalist, accomplished on the piano and trapset as well as world and orchestral percussion. However, his true talent is exhibited on his instrument of choice, the vibraphone. Confirmed in May of 2001 when in their annual poll of collegiate musicians, Downbeat Magazine awarded him "Outstanding Solo Jazz Performance". Christian is currently the leader of the critically acclaimed Christian Tamburr Quartet, a four-piece acoustic jazz group. After a year and a half of touring around the world, Christian just returned home from working as Musical Director and Pianist for Latin Vocal Legend Julio Iglesias. Starting in January of 2010, Christian will work as Musical Director and Bandleader for a brand new Cirque du Soleil Production.

Christian first started performing jazz at the age of 14. Now 28, he has since had the opportunity to work with many jazz legends including, Ira Sullivan, Kenny Barron, Clark Terry, James Moody, Benny Green, Bucky Pizarelli, Kevin Mahogany, Nicolas Payton, Art Van Damm, Slide Hampton, Bob Mintzer, Milt Hilton, Dick Hyman, Bob Haggart, Mark Murphy, Eric Marienthal, Marcus Printup, and Bunky Green to name a few. Christian has performed as a guest artist with Dave Brubeck, as a solo percussionist with Michael Feinstein, and opened for Harry Connick, Jr. In the summer of 2006 Christian Tamburr and Regent Cruise Lines produced a Baltic Jazz Cruise. For five weeks Christian’s septet toured and performed throughout Scandinavia including performances at Street Life, the prestigious jazz club in downtown St. Petersburg Russia. Over the past four years Christian and his quaret have performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Lincoln Center in New York City,The Atlanta Jazz Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival, the Harrington PA Jazz Festival, the New Jersey Jazz Festival, the Cocoa Beach Jazz Festival and the Ravinia Jazz in June residency. In 2008 the group traveled to Japan for a 3-week tour performing on festivals and clubs around the country. In December of 2005 Christian and bassist Elisa Pruett were hired to play for NBA legend Micheal Jordan in Charlotte, NC. In 2002 as a member of the Noel Friedline Quintet, Christian was hired to perform for Julia Roberts at her highly publicized, surprise birthday party in New York City. In winter of 2006, Christian’s first album “ Move” was released as a part of a Starbucks Gift Set, available around the country. In February of 2007, Christian joined Latin vocal star Julio Iglesias performing as his featured pianist and shares as musical director. Although rooted in jazz, Christian’s ability to be diverse in the music industry has allowed him to be successful in multiple genres of performance and recording. The world tour has included stops throughout the US, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, The Dominican Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Spain, and Monaco, South Africa just to name a few. Christian works as a producer, arranger, and writer for many groups of all styles around the country. Famed magicians Penn and Teller hired Christian to write and teach them music for their stage show in Las Vegas. Off the stage, Christian also works as a clinician, teaching high school and college students all around the country. Clinics vary from working with jazz big bands, small groups, and improvisation, to percussion technique for mallets in the concert or marching idiom. Christian is endorsed by Receptor Muse, Promark sticks and mallets, and plays exclusively Musser vibraphones.

James Witherite • Modern Organ Trio

Samples ..

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Musik & Eros • Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Music is not only a pleasure for the ear, it is the echo of the heartbeat, breath and desire. Professor Döpp revisits music as the catalyst for dance, love and sex. From the music sheet to dance and through instruments, music is the expression of our profound desires and most violent passions. The text revisits the history of music and art from the dances of the first men to pop and electronic music and through belly dance. Music and Eros take us on a time-travelling journey to discover the interaction of music and sex.
pdf / 256 pages / Language: German / editable text (copy and paste Translator)

Traducción automática
La música no es sólo un placer para el oído, es el eco de los latidos del corazón, la respiración y el deseo. Profesor Dopp revisita música como catalizador para la danza, el amor y el sexo. A partir de la hoja de música para bailar y por medio de los instrumentos, la música es la expresión de nuestros deseos profundos y las pasiones más violentas. El texto retoma la historia de la música y el arte de las danzas de los primeros hombres en el pop y la música electrónica ya través de la danza del vientre. Música y Eros nos llevan en un viaje viajando en el tiempo para descubrir la interacción de la música y el sexo.
pdf / 256 páginas / Idioma: Alemán / texto editable (copiar y pegar en traductor)

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Barney Kessel • Soaring

Review by Scott Yanow
Although guitarist Barney Kessel interprets seven standard ballads on this CD reissue (a trio set with bassist Monty Budwig and drummer Jake Hanna), this is not a ballad album. Most of the songs are taken at faster than usual tempoes with the emphasis on Kessel's chordal (rather than single-note) solos. The guitarist was in peak form around this era as can be heard on a romping version of "I Love You," "Star Eyes," "Like Someone in Love" and "Get Out of Town." In addition he contributes one of his finest originals, "Seagull," a song that deserves to be revived. This underrated set is well worth exploring.

VA • Ace Records Blues Story

All Music Guide - Steve Leggett
Johnny Vincent founded Ace Records in 1955 after being laid off from his job as an A&R man at Specialty Records -- he had also founded Champion Records earlier in the decade -- and although he based his operations in Jackson, Mississippi, he was also very much in tune with the New Orleans R&B and blues scene, signing and releasing singles by several Crescent City artists, including Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu", Frankie Ford "Sea Cruise", and Jimmy Clanton "Venus in Blue Jeans". But Vincent had several Mississippi blues artists on his roster, too, including Arthur Crudup, Sam Myers, King Edward, Pat Brown, and Willie Clayton, among others, and Ace became one of Mississippi's most successful labels in the '50s and '60s. This two-disc, 36-track set collects some of these rare blues cuts, including ten sides that are making their first appearance on CD.

viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2014

Frederic Belinsky • Rusia! Con amor!

One of the most emotional French guitarists, virtuoso musician, brilliant representative of Gypsy Jazz!

«Gypsy Jazz - it’s life in spirit of freedom”. This is how the fans de-scribe this incredible style of music and among them you can find celebrities such the legendary Madonna, the charismatic Antonio Banderas, the famous Woody Allen, and the exotic Shakira. They are all frequent participants and organizers of prestigious shows and festivals dedicated to the Gypsy Jazz.

The Master of sparkling improvisation, Frederic Belinsky, is considered to be one of the best Gypsy jazz guitarists of his generation. “He is a virtuoso with a unique style and his music transports you in a world full of emotions and passion” (Jazz Magazine). A brilliant technique and a sensibility for new harmonies with personal touch define his performance . Frederic is the a honorary guest of many European jazz summits, concerts and festivals «The most popular guitarist of the Champs Elysees» was not only applauded by stars of the French show-biz Alain Delon, Macha Meril, Michel Jonas and Pierre Cardin…, but he has also played for the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the ex-President of USSR Mikael Gorbachev, the king of Morocco Mohamed VI, and the prince of Monaco Аlbert...

Laureate and medalist of the World Championship of Performing Arts—Worldstars Olympics (Hollywood, USA) Frederic Belinsky has the power to instill a new life in any melody he plays — would it be a Bach's fugue or the “Dark Eyes”, a Jewish ballad or a jazz standard. Guitarist, arranger, and songwriter, he worked with the greatest soloists, big-bands, and orchestras He never interprets the same piece the same way and has that unique talent to surprise and to move his public every time and everywhere he plays.


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Uno de los guitarristas franceses más emocionales, músico virtuoso, brillante representante de Gypsy Jazz!

«Gypsy Jazz - es la vida en el espíritu de la libertad". Así es como los aficionados de-trazan este increíble estilo de música y entre ellos se pueden encontrar celebridades como la legendaria Madonna, el carismático Antonio Banderas, el famoso Woody Allen, y la exótica Shakira. Son todos los participantes frecuentes y organizadores de espectáculos y festivales prestigiosos dedicados al jazz gitano.

El maestro de la improvisación con gas, Frederic Belinski, es considerado como uno de los mejores guitarristas de jazz gitano de su generación. "Él es un virtuoso con un estilo único y su música te transporta en un mundo lleno de emociones y pasión" (Jazz Magazine). Una técnica brillante y una sensibilidad para las nuevas armonías con toque personal definen su actuación. Frederic es el invitado de honor de muchos europeos de jazz cumbres, conciertos y festivales «El guitarrista más popular de los Campos Elíseos» no sólo fue aplaudido por estrellas del show-biz francés Alain Delon, Macha Meril, Michel Jonas y Pierre Cardin ..., pero también ha jugado para el presidente francés, Nicolas Sarkozy, el ex presidente de la URSS Mikael Gorbachev, el rey de Marruecos, Mohamed VI, y el príncipe de Mónaco Аlbert ...

Laureado y medallista del Campeonato del Mundo de Artes Escénicas-WorldStars Juegos Olímpicos (de Hollywood, EE.UU.) Frederic Belinski tiene el poder de infundir una nueva vida en cualquier melodía que interpreta - sería la fuga de un Bach o los "Dark Eyes", una balada judía o un estándar de jazz. El guitarrista, arreglista y compositor, trabajó con los más grandes solistas, grandes bandas y orquestas Nunca interpreta la misma pieza de la misma manera y tiene ese talento único para sorprender y para mover a su público en todo momento y en todas partes se juega.

miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

David Orlowsky Trio • Nesiah

Willis Jackson • More Gravy

Review by Alex Henderson
When Willis "Gator" Jackson was recording for Prestige from 1959-1971, many jazz critics tended to dismiss his soul-jazz/hard bop as too simple and basic -- the same critics who felt that Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane were too radical and left of center faulted Jackson for not being left of center enough. The same critics who claimed that Jackson was unchallenging tore Archie Shepp apart because he dared to be challenging. So how did Jackson respond to jazz critics? He ignored them (presumably) and kept cranking out the sort of funky, groove-oriented soul-jazz/hard bop that his fans adored. Recorded in 1963, More Gravy may not have received an abundance of glowing reviews from jazz critics but is still a fine example of his Prestige output. This LP never goes out of its way to be difficult and abstract -- quite the opposite. Jackson wanted to be accessible, and he is exactly that on a program of funky jazz-blues ("Pool Shark," the title song) and heartfelt ballads ("Somewhere Along the Way"). The big-toned tenorman also provides a Latin-flavored number titled "Nuther'n Like Thuther'n," which successfully combines Brazilian and Afro-Cuban elements -- the tune has one foot in the bossa nova and the other in Latin jazz (which, in most cases, means Afro-Cuban jazz, although technically, you could argue that combining jazz with Colombian Cumbia or Dominican merengue is a form of Latin jazz). Thankfully, Jackson has rock-solid backing in trumpeter Frank Robinson, guitarist Pat Martino, organist Carl Wilson (an obvious Jimmy Smith admirer), bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Joe Hadrick. Martino was only 19 when this album was recorded, and he had already developed a fairly distinctive sound. Clearly, the Philadelphia guitarist had spent a lot of time in the shed. More Gravy is among the many Jackson albums that is well worth hearing.

lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014

Shirley Scott • Now's The Time

Now's the Time is an album by organist Shirley Scott compiling several tracks recorded between 1958 and 1964 and released on the Prestige label in 1967. "This is early Scott, several takes from different sessions for this Prestige release", Allmusic.
Yes once upon a time jazz was a man's world but with gals like Shirley Scott around some of the cats are beginning to get inferiority complexes. Like isn't a woman's place in the kitchen! Not when she happens to be Shirley Scott. Her latest cooking is done on a Hammond, not a stove. ~ extract from Liner Notes by Mark Gardner.

VA • Hot Cinders!

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Billy Taylor • Sleeping Bee

Review by Scott Yanow
Billy Taylor and his 1969 trio (which includes bassist Ben Tucker and drummer Grady Tate) perform four of Taylor's originals, Errol Garner's "La Petite Mambo," Oscar Brown, Jr.'s "Brother Where Are You" and two standards on this MPS set which was last available as a Pausa LP. The enjoyable music swings and fits perfectly into the jazz mainstream of the era.

Fuzz Busters • Retro-Sonic Music for the Moderns

From the producer of The Spies Who Surf, The Insiders, Material Issue, and Ministry, comes The Fuzz-Busters. Retro-Sonic Music for the Moderns was recorded at Jay's home ADT project studio, on a houseboat in Starved Rock, at Acme studios with Mike Zalenko (Material Issue) sitting in on drums, and "live" at the Boulevard Cafe in Chicago were the band has been playing every Tuesday night, turning the scene into a who's who of Chicago music.